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Mobile Casinos and Mobile Slots

Have you ever had doubts about which casinos and which types of bonuses you can use from your mobile device? Fortunately, today this does not pose a problem for online casino enthusiasts, whether in Italy or abroad.

All operators have a mobile version. The vast majority of their games are available for Android and iOS. And all the advertised Bonuses are accessible from both Desktop PCs and tablets and mobile phones.

The technological integration between the various platforms allows you to have an uninterrupted gaming experience and a continuous functional link with your gaming profile from everywhere. Top up from your PC in the office and, when you get home, when you open the App on your mobile phone you will see that the funds will be credited and probably also that tempting Bonus that prompted you to try the latest Slots on the web .

”An 820% increase in paid wins on Mobile between 2015 and 2022”

Let's clarify things right away: on Casino1.it you will find not only expert opinions, analyzes and guides, but also lots of facts and news on the current state of the world of online gaming.

And it is precisely from the external communications of one of the leading operators among Mobile Casinos – LeoVegas – that it is clear how much that market has grown andquanto si fidano ormai gli italianiof mobile platforms to play online:

  • The company's mobile user revenue increased from 9.5 million to 78 million in the past 3 years.
  • The gross margin of each licensed casino regulated by the ADM and the AAMS remains unchanged for individual slots and most casino games. Winnings paid out in percentage terms shouldn't have changed either.
  • Dunque, LeoVegas ha erogato un Payout aumentato di 820% rispetto a quello offerto dalla loro mobile platform in 2015 .

Recensione e Bonus del Casinò LeoVegas

25 Free Spinssenza deposito- 1000 euro Welcome Bonus and 100 Freespins

Award-Winning Mobile Experience and Dedicated App, Innovative and Exciting Bonuses, Live Games and Extensive Customer Support!

One constant perhaps remains though: Even with Mobile Slots and Casino games being frequented over 8x as often and consistently by new and loyal players, the world's most influential single Slot Online Casino remains the " Starburst “. The latter still gives the greatest contribution and an important satisfaction to the players even today, also looking at the numbers for the current year.

Bonuses in Mobile Casinos

Recensione e Bonus del Casinò LeoVegas

25 Free Spinssenza deposito- 1000 euro Welcome Bonus and 100 Freespins

Award-Winning Mobile Experience and Dedicated App, Innovative and Exciting Bonuses, Live Games and Extensive Customer Support!

Recensione e Bonus del Casinò 888

125% up to500€+ 88 Giri Free

Recensione e Bonus del Casinò bet365

100% up to300€

Bet365 Renowned and serious casino. Games Classic and New Slots, Roulette and Poker. Effective customer service, Fast withdrawals.

As mentioned above, many players who are rightly attracted by offers not to be missed, worry if that no deposit bonus – perhaps caught just before the deadline – remains valid even when playing from their iPad or Galaxy Note (this is just to ask you an example of questions which we also had to clarify in the past).

In any case, there is really nothing to worry about: all the Welcome Bonuses and Offers you find in our reviews or maybe in the promotional campaigns of the casinos themselves they are very valid for any type of device and software platform. Maybe for some the casino would like to direct you to their Mobile Casino directly accessible frombrowser nativoof your tablet or mobile phone. While for others it would be better to downloadl’App dedicataand immerse yourself in the perfect experience: fast, efficient and fully integrated into your daily reality.

The Welcome Bonuses and Campaigns that reward loyalty through Deposit Bonuses, Free Spins and Promotional Payouts (to name just a few) work seamlessly from any mobile device, wherever and whenever you want!

Bonus Gratis su Mobile

Recensione e Bonus del Casinò LeoVegas

25 Free Spinssenza deposito- 1000 euro Welcome Bonus and 100 Freespins

Award-Winning Mobile Experience and Dedicated App, Innovative and Exciting Bonuses, Live Games and Extensive Customer Support!

Recensione e Bonus del Casinò 888

125% up to500€+ 88 Giri Free

Recensione e Bonus del Casinò Planetwin365

Bonus100€+ extra 30€ registration

Planetwin365 is a young and growing casino. It offers new and classic games, Live Casino bets, lots of Bonuses, Prizes and Tournaments

Unlike theBonus di Benvenutoupon first filing, i Free and instant bonuses they are much rarer and as such are usually offered to new subscribers to earn the trust of customers. However, this does not change the fact that by browsing from your Android on the sofa at home you can still register and take advantage of that free offer that you liked on the casino website of your choice.

The music doesn't even change forchi un conto ce l’haalready: the Free Spins are still yours, the current promotion is shown on the front page and is accessible directly in the palm of your hand. The best new online slot rooms know this and work hard to ensure greater playability on Flash and Apps (see below!) and to reward mutual loyalty in comparison with their players, offering weekly (or even daily!) promotions for tablets , mobile and Desktop PC.

No deposit bonuses in online mobile casinos

Predictably, no deposit bonuses are among the most sought after by Italians, even on mobile. An offer of this kind is accessible to both new and more shrewd users who, by visiting the promotions section every now and then, do not miss the instant bonuses that mobile casinos offer as prizes when necessary.

ISsempre un Bonus per gli iscritti, with verified gaming accounts – both early and later in their journey as mobile customers of web casinos. However, it is among the most rewarding types simply because it rewards you and gives you the opportunity to also win real money at mobile slots , without even having to deposit money into your online casino account.

Playing from the App or directly on the Mobile Site?

Here we should address aspects that are a little too technical and that are of little use to our readers. A short list ofbenefici per i giocatoriwould include:

  • leaner and easier to use, more intuitive interface
  • speed (perhaps) of execution and navigation
  • an overall better gaming experience

However, these are things that are difficult to identify by those who are not experts in the field. There would be no significant distinctions between the versions made for iOS or Android, nor functional differences with the mobile site of a legal and established casino.

Even stronger arguments arise in support of customer use of apps if you lookl’interesse degli operatori casinoonline:

  • they can integrate features such as notifications
  • an App lends itself to the insertion of more sophisticated software codes for animation
  • inclusion of certain visual effects not suitable for mobile websites

There are therefore advantages for both parties and this leads to an increasingly widespread use of Apps in interacting with Italian mobile casinos on the web. While on Desktop it is rarely necessary to download some interface of the new adm casinos, for the various tablets and mobile phones it is perhaps advisable - they are light, fast and improve the gaming and browsing experience.

Differences between mobile devices – compatible hardware

Immagine che mostra vari tablet e cellulari su cui puoi giocare

We have already tried to reassure those reading our analysis that practically all mobile devices are compatible with what legal casinos put online and recognize as accessible hardware. However, we are talking about the most popular brands, systems and mobile devices known to most and which can also have a minimum of support from casino customer assistance in case of need. So let's see the main categories.


Given the success it has among the working population, optimizing your mobile casino for the needs of iPhones can only be the number one priority for today's operators. From there these have had a stimulating effect on the game makers in turn, because even those know that the iPhone represents the single type of mobile with the largest number of users online casino and beyond. In practical terms it could mean an early release of certain products for the iPhone, at least compared to the versions for other devices. But market trends rule – a bit like GTA 5 which came out on PC almost a year after its PlayStation 4 release.

Android devices

Said of the dominance of the iPhone as the single most important device also in the market of new online casinos in Italy and abroad, however Androids are still the majority if you look at the statistics for the market European e Italian particularly. Launched and supported by Google – and with more than 2/3 of mobile users in the Bel Paese – online mobile casinos couldn't afford not to offer a great App for all Android devices.

iPads and other tablets

We don't want to confuse operating systems and hardware here, don't worry! However, it should be emphasized that playing on a tablet will improve your experience, in general, and especially as regards the Live Casino in diretta streaming HD .

And while that requires more demanding and engaging participation, in real time with many stimuli and emotions involved, we can assure you that the tablet screen is perfect even in different circumstances. Imagine yourself lounging in the evening, with the TV in the background… it is incomparable at that moment to take out the iPad to try your favorite slot machine in an optimal way.

Windows or other mobile devices

It is also true that some users, not many, have quite rare cell phones – perhaps bought from some cheap market in Burma. Those may not have the same experience with new Slots on the web, especially if made by smaller providers. And neither with the Live Mobile Casino. But don't despair! We are however quite confident that they will actually be able to play most of the games in online mobile casinos even with that type of device.

Mixing technologies

Instead, let's see the truly most probable circumstances for the typical Italian user of today. He may have an iPhone but spends a lot of time in front of the PC at work, or at home in the evening. This is the case of many of our friends and by now many know how to use both iOS and Android.

The beauty is that it doesn't matter where you play or what kind of device you're using to play it. Your account at the Virtual Casino is safe and sound in any case. Your chances of starting a new game session from either the train on mobile or desktop after a hard day's work are the same and interchangeable.

You will be able to top up from your Windows PC, start betting from your iPhone on your way home and finally conclude a nice session of Live Roulette Live HD from your Samsung tablet. The gaming experience and the safety of the games change little for those who feel comfortable with the various devices. And it certainly changes practically nothing for your trusted dealer, since they still need to offer various technological solutions and customer service – both iOS and Android – of a certain level at all times.

The report

We have analyzed the various Mobile Casino solutions that we have on our market today. We are therefore convinced, all of us at Casino1, that with such a varied offer, the choice of how and from where to play is completely in our hands. THE established casinos in Italy and abroad have now reached a certain level of security, functionality and flexibility in offering their customers fairly reliable solutions, also and above all increasingly on Mobile.

It's up to us to choose the right Bonus and visit one of the best Mobile Casinos around!