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How to Win Real Money at Online Casinos

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Casino Games for Real Money: How things stand

This is a short but concrete guide that advises players on how to locate and choose the best online casinos to play for real money.

A premise is due: not everyone likes to bet real money in virtual rooms. Some fans of online games prefer to experience platforms in modegratuitaand maybe have fun with somebonusto then decide if and where to continue their adventure.

We at Casino 1 have a simple task but carried out with the awareness of the responsibilities that it entails: testing Italian online casinos – both new and long-established – preparing reports on their qualities and making a comparison between playing for real money and doing some tour in virtual game rooms with free mode and instant bonuses.

We review casino games on the Web such as the beloved Slot machines, Table games such as Roulette (in innovative versions or the Classic French one) or Card games such as Blackjack or various types of Poker. We also analyze the casinos that offer very Italian games such as Scopa, Briscola, Bestia, Tressette and many others! Add in-depth investigations into payment security, respect for privacy and transparency in promotional campaigns – and here you have a complete manual of the best European online casinos available to Italians that make us earn real money by playing for free too!

The best casino sites that accept the Euro in 2022

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Distinctions to be made between free games and games for money

The motivations for playing online for each of us can be different. Do you have free time to spend in the amusing company of colorful toys? Maybe you want to feel the thrill of guessing the right number or hitting the winning line!? Or are you really good with cards?! But it may simply be that you could use a lot of pennies before leaving on vacation.

What these situations have in common is the ability to afford a blast in the world of new online games. And then do it risking little or nothing! And yes, that's right, you got it right. There are of course no-money games, and you can even earn real money by playing for free!

Leggi qui sottoto understand how it works in the world of verified casinos and you will see that offering us the opportunity to play for free is also convenient for the dealers. It goes without saying, however, that by placing a bet on your side as well, you drastically increase your chances of winning cash.

All kinds of casino games to earn money

On casino site 1 we are committed to testing and analyzing an ever-growing number of online games and franchises. And then we write individual reviews on both game types and casinos that we personally check.

The most important distinction would be the ability to win real money. Even when perhaps the same game offers a demo version to try out the rules and tricks of the game directly on the web, that takes second place to even the simple possibility of playing for free – perhaps with Welcome Bonus or Free Spins – and be rewarded in actual withdrawable cash.

As for the diversity of games on the net, we have previously explained on other articles , right here the legal virtual casinos are able to reach and satisfy millions of Italian and foreign customers, chest out. Because there really is something for every taste!


Typically we follow the categorization of games in new online casinos that have the ADM license. In reality, the games are listed in similar groups and even those who are perhaps beginners will surely have heard or seen a large part of these played. There are slot machines of all kinds; classic Roulette or in innovative versions; Card games - those that require more skill and also those with more need of good luck in the short term; Quick games of Fortuna and many innovative titles and realities.

Then there are all of these (or almost)disponibili in versione Mobileor withl’Appmade on purpose. And finally, a large part of the games that are played on the famous green tablecloth can also be found Live, indiretta streaming HDwith professional croupiers and well-kept environments available to play live.

We faithfully bring you some reviews on every legal casino of a certain importance on the Italian online market. Furthermore, and most importantly, we prepare guidelines on each and every game: how it works, how to play for free, what to watch out for and above all how to win real money.

Electronic slots and gaming machines

Starburst di NetEnt come slot classico

Known by various names, electronic games have now completely replaced the old devices and for good reason too! Digital platforms rely on the advanced algorithms of random number generators (RNG, from the English Random Number Generator). No rollers, no jams. In addition, they are connected to the automatic controls of the supplier but also of the Customs and Monopolies Agency forevitare ogni tipo di frodeto the detriment of the state and the player.

Having said that, by now the laws have forced operators to raise the minimum win percentage (the RTP orPayout al giocatore) to 70% for land-based games. While for thosein rete il requisito è sopra i 85%but in reality the great competition in the online casino sector has meant that slot games for money now present very high RTPs – among the92e98%!

Reasoning as seasoned players, with such a high return it is now better to play with real money and patiently wait for your moment of glory because that should come to the detriment of those who get up after a few free spins with the welcome bonus or after losing hope. judging the earnings in real money insufficient due to a mere lack of understanding of the mechanisms of the online game.

Instead, we meticulously put them on the test bench: we test and review the new Slot Machines in order to allow Italian players to increase their chances of winning more real money by playing legally.

Le Slot

As mentioned, even in foreign Web casinos they are a separate category. Beloved by all Italians, they are known as AWP (New Slot), VLT (Video Lottery Terminal) and with many other names including "soldiers". Well, maybe some time ago.

As mentioned above, by now the Slot machine online I amregolati,protetti da software e crittografiacutting-edge and more than ever combine colorful fun with the possibility of earning money without downloading or physically going to land-based slot halls.


Video Lotteries are the terrestrial version of digital Slots that we put to the test. We can guarantee practically nothing on those installed in bars, newsagents and betting shops, bingo halls or sports betting agencies. However, all the experts point out thegrande differenza in termini di RTPindeed, as we have seen. So, if you really want to win real money – sometimes even playing for Free through Bonuses and Free Spins that don't exist in land-based rooms! – Online Slots are absolutely for you.

board games and card games

Sometimes these two categories are kept separate. But little separates the principles of legal gaming for winning pennies, other than the level of skill required by the player. Therefore, often in online casinos, you will find certain card games referred to as "casino table". Unlike some other games however, these do not feature Free Spins. While the various Welcome Bonuses take little into consideration the gaming contribution (in percentage terms) of the entire category - for example 0% or 25%.

It soon becomes clear why to win cash one has to play with money deposited in one's account. And there's no better way to prepare yourself for real money betting than oursfantastiche guide casinòdedicated to each single game!

La Roulette

Roulette is a world of its own in every casino. The casino game par excellence. That is why it also occupies a prominent place in the new legal gambling halls on web adm . There are sometimes demo modes to try out or maybe some options to bet 'from the back' while you watch what other players are up to.

But the reality is that here you have to read the guides, consult the various tricks to win at Roulette and build your own solid strategy for playing for real money .

Il Baccarat

Widely popular among lovers of Italian casino games, this classic game always keeps asking us the same tantalizing question: guess who can win between the dealer and a virtual player. How simple it isn't! You can be that player but also another (betting from behind), you can make side bets to increase your winnings or you can maybe try counting cards in baccarat – better in demo mode – to understand how it works.

To win money, however, it is better to know what to do:leggi le nostre guideand bet with more conviction!

Skill casino games

The great Italian tradition of adopting regional and particular games at national levels leads us to have a passion for board games that require great skill and concentration but also a lot of luck!

Sure, theBlackjackit is not local, and neither are all the variants ofPoker, the weightsCrapsoRummy. But we claim and feel thePunto banco, ilBurraco, theScopa, theBriscola, theBestia, ilTressette, ilSette e mezzoand many other games that are united by the low house edge and the evergreen interest of fans for their favorite games.

If you've never tried any of these, maybe it's time to check out the reviews you'll find on this site. And if you already know them, you can immediately start challenging Lady Luck armed with your knowledge and skills in order to win real money in the aams online casinos that you will see reviewed here!

Live Casino Games

giocare a blackjack dal vivo su un iPad

This topic deserves a completely separate article . And of course we have it! Already verified and ready to give you explanations , answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and questions about rules and requirements!

A convincing answer to the demand for more realism and less possibility of stealth tricks from serious gamers. This is precisely what has led the various operators to invest in the development of online Live Casinos, with exclusive rooms and dedicated environments, but above all with professional croupiers and an augmented reality of absolute quality - HD live streaming with audio, chat and responses in time real by those who sat on the table.

Live Roulette, Blackjack dal Vivo, Baccarat in Diretta, Dream Catcher Live

Since the best European online casinos have now arrived here too, they have brought a crazy wave of innovation! We are talking about real live casinos, augmented reality through audio, chat and high definition images, but also absolute confidentiality and personalized environments.

The Live roulette where he Dream Catcher Live are just a few examples of the games that you can find in the most renowned Live Casinos from us. Of course, all this does not detract from the main purpose of a reliable casino: to give us the opportunity to have fun but also to win something in real money.

Random numbers

We have already seen some of the principles of random number generators. While we have the game "customer" in front of us, the fantastic interface with graphics, animations and sounds, behind the scenes we are protected by latest generation servers, by specific software verified both by public agencies (ADM and before AAMS) and by leading international testing and certification agencies such as the eCOGRA . Away with the old bingo fairness doubts and on to the exciting chances of winning prizes and cash for real!

There are many games based on random numbers, verified casino websites are directly accessible, and then you don't have to download anything. Through Adobe Flash applications they can be played directly from your mobile phone or PC and on different operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android.

If you want to know more about wheretrovare questi giochi per guadagnare soldiwithout downloading and how they work, freely browse this site and discover our fantastic and free guides!

Bingo e Keno

We'll give you some examples of random extraction games right away. And you recognize them immediately: Bingo and Keno.

Similar to the lottery, they are played on classic cards, but now informato digitale, which involves much more honesty and transparency. Not guessing any number is very difficult and practically impossible, so it is always advisable to keep an eye on these games for real money which often involve moderate winnings. Find out on Casino 1 how!

Casino games on mobile devices

Let's say it right away:tutti questi giochi di soprayou can play them on mobile or tablet. Everyone.

Then maybe not every European casino legalized in Italy offers us the full range of games also in the Mobile version but taking a short tour of the recommended dealers here you will find your favorite game also for tablets and mobile phones. Or better yet, read the ADM casino guides here first and find out which one offers it on a regular basis.

Increasingly, legal and secure dealers engage and invest in the development of specific Apps and offer full compatibility between the PC platform and that for Android and Apple. And the Apps are even lighter and faster while offering the same chances of winning in real money while playing from the sofa at home.

Do you want the Casino in live streaming but on your tablet? No problem. There is also that and on Casino1 we help you find it!

Recensione e Bonus del Casinò LeoVegas

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Why is it better to play for real money and not for free?

It may seem strange, we know. But let's think for a moment and get to the point.

The demanding player always wants to improve their gaming experience. For their part, i award winning online casinos they give you the possibility to feel unique and different on your terms: between computer, mobile and apps, you enjoy the possibility ofaggiungere avatar,amiciepreferenze. Then get the latest Slots and Casino Games first. And all with the addition of being able to win real money.

Here, the game is made like this by nature: in fact, the best benefits go to those who want to earn real money. Starting from the substantial Welcome Bonuses, passing through the Loyalty Rewards and finally to the simple, fast and secure transactions when you win the various cash prizes.

Almost every game is also offered in a Demo version to help us become familiar with the rules and environments. But it all ends there.

Regarding Promotions and Bonuses , the best legal casinos do not distinguish between the types of games when they offer them to us – they simply want to increase our chances of personal satisfaction. And, of course, the chances of real winnings are also limited. However, often those who decide to remain in constant search of Bonuses and Promotional Codes must then meet the various wagering requirements, replay the entire amount dozens of times and wait for it to be unlocked in different brackets.

There are those who, on the other hand, want to guarantee themselves the possibility of obtaining the big real money jackpots made available through the best casino games. Freely open to all, they give you their best benefits as soon as you decide to join the world of those who love to win real money.

This incomparable experience is for the most demanding: in fact, once you make your first deposit, you often access exclusive Rewards and further Bonuses! All instant bonuses, regular offers, chips and free spins are open to those who want to experience this experience in total freedom. And freedom only gives you the decision to play casino for real money.

Be careful when playing for real money

Now we also come to a rather important point. You always have to have a special eye for thelegalitàand theprotezione della propria riservatezza. Only authorized Italian and European adm and aams casinos guarantee these last two aspects.

The licenses in question cover multiple requirements, thorough checks of systems and fairness in the management of digital platforms.

In fact, such a license becomes the only and essential condition for being reviewed by Casino1 and perhaps receiving a recommendation from us. You have to be strict but impartial and this crucial discriminant becomes the sine qua non to bring these operators to your attention. The excellence of their proposition and the chances of honestly winning real money come as a result.

The dishonest must be put on the Casino Blacklist!

Some online casinos claim to have gaming licenses that they don't actually have. Must domolta attenzione. If you want to play abroad for real money under another jurisdiction, we strongly recommend that you only go to licensed casinos from perhaps Alderney, Gibraltar, Curacao or Malta. Recharging your gaming account and collecting winnings through the various electronic wallets is another matter that we have dealt with in great detail in the Deposits and Withdrawals section .

Holding a globally respected License means relying on the expertise of a recognized third party in the online gaming sector who regularly reviews the casino's activities and ensures its proper functioning, such as technical and procedural security. Simply said,i casinò disonesti e non licenziati potrebbero prendere i tuoi soldi e sparire; or perhaps not respecting the conditions of the game set by themselves. There will always be a reason why they didn't get their license.

Trusted Software Providers

Anyone intending to gamble for real money deserves to be served by reputable operators and recognized technology solution providers. The most important software providers certainly do not collaborate with operators of dubious reputation. But there are also very shady websites and software providers who may buy or sell pirated games from NetEnt, Play n Go, Evolution Gaming and other well-known manufacturers. Maybe the Free modes these games offerritorni incredibili but then once you move on to play for real with real money from your own pocket, thePayout precipita proprio.

Being careful also means downloading only when needed and avoiding dubious software when it is appropriate to do so. Many times it is really better to speed up and improve your gaming experience through mobile apps and light platforms offered only by legal casinos and recognized by the community of online players. If you don't find them here, maybe they aren't.

Nowadays, however, it is not even necessary to sit around waiting to download a program and install it on your PC. You can simply sign up and play within minutes directlysul tuo browser! Play without downloading and still win money.

Just the desired gaming experience - without thoughts and errors of any kind - is guaranteed by the ADM and AAMS authorization and by the high functionality of the online gaming platforms through the very latest software installed on the casino servers. The interfaces on our part are simple and intuitive to use, they do not require special skills, but guarantee emotions, cash winnings and lots of fun!

Complaints: How to need it less

There is a large community of casino players who love to play for real money and for good reason. Honest people and with for good. Then, when you invest your time and money in a casino, you sometimes find that you unfortunately have to make a complaint. Whether it's exaggerated withdrawal times, deceptive campaigns, errors or sudden crashes of the casino platform, documentation clarifications or anything else.

Of course you will find many forums on the web where those who play for real money share their experiences, maybe let off steam, but in the end everyone learns and helps each other. It is objectively difficult to know which casinos receive the most complaints on average, this information is not public knowledge. Little but sure, the more you read, the more you will know about how to manage the unexpected, how to avoid mistakes and how to defend your rights.

Casino 1's seasoned team does its small part: educate, inform and aspire to teach on the subject. Because every adult player deserves to be able to feel confident playing with their own money online.

Other considerations before starting

Who has ever approached the exciting world of new online casinos – or of any land-based gaming room or machine – knows that when you play for real money you must above allsaper gestire i flussi di denaro.

This is true without saying it first of all within the game session. And there are a thousand winning or not winning strategies and approaches. However, in order to have fun longer and perhaps earn what you have in mind, it is necessary to adopt a more sustainable and wise behavior – even between one episode and another – for which we list below someesempi di considerazionito do before starting to play seriously with your own money.

1. Increase your balance through Deposit Bonuses

The stereotype of the impulsive player who bets for real money leads us to think of someone who immediately chooses the first casino that perhaps gives him a Welcome Bonus, a top-up or several Free Spins. Not the one who blindly trusts advertisements but who can perhaps be led to think that the Bonuses that seem attractive at first sight are also those that are convenient for them in the medium-long term, given his ways of playing, the games he prefers and much even more.

And instead we want to believe that a careful and demanding player informs himself first, he doesn't choose the first, but the best casino in which to entrust his skills, challenge his luck and maybe even fill his wallet. With the checks and scrutiny that we place on the many new and established casinos that are around the net, you have to be sure that you choose the ones that are legal, efficient and at the same time fun.

Check out our list of verified online casinos for real money first so you can really get off to a great startBonus di Benvenuto giustonotmigliori condizioni possibilifor every type of player!

2. Deposit and withdraw your money from the right casinos

With the great competition that exists in the world of online casinos and the great technological innovation that floods the platforms, radically changing the experience and the possibilities of feeling the games for real, it is no wonder that operators also offer numerous payment options .

Security is no longer an optional - between encryptions, electronic wallets and personalized settings of game profiles - that should not be a discriminating factor in choosing the best online casinos available to Italians. Let's only talk about legal and first-rate casinos though, let's not forget that!

When we come to the time it takes to carry out transactions, when one wants to be recognized the right to collect one's winnings in minimum time or perhaps when one wants to immediately try a new game for real money – here are theopzioni di prelievo e deposito cambianoand not a little your experience! Let's say that, in principle, the faster it is, the better it is, so read carefully and choose how to top up and collect but above all where.

Check out our method reviews i of payment and choose well!

3. The security of your money means integrity and transparency

We have also talked extensively previously about thecasinò senza licenza, of those who sometimes do not take even the slightest measures to protect their customers and the passion of the players who entrust them with their money.

Then the mere existence of such operators around is a separate matter! In theory, the Public Prosecutor's Office should close sites that do not comply with the requirements of the ADM. Also because those who don't do it shouldn't get permission to operate on Italian territory and perhaps nowhere else! But in reality many of us have seen certain sites ofdubbia integritàesospetta sicurezza.

Certificato SSL e logo ADM

No SSL or TSL (the most recent and best supported version of the famous encryption), no consent asked regarding cookies and perhaps few payment options since they find it difficult to create solid commercial links. And then how do you check the odds of winning?!?

But we are not going to list all the flaws of the deceptive casinos in existence. Trust the best casinos around,leggi le recensioni su Casinò 1and choose with your head!

4. Wagering requirements

The wagering requirement is always something very important to keep an eye on when accepting a Real Money Bonus. Before you deposit and start playing with your own money – maybeaumentati drasticamente tramite il Bonus– look at what is almost always indicated in theTermini e Condizioniof the game with the Bonus on the site of the chosen online casino.

Reported with the number of times aimporto totale deve essere rigiocato– 20x, 30x, 50x, etc. – the attentive player must think about whether he should accept the Bonus altogether. Because sometimes that amount also includes your deposit (Bonus plus the Deposit to be played a certain number of times!), other casinos put the wagering requirement on the Fun Bonus before converting it into a Game Bonus and only then into real cash.

But honestly that is understood immediately. And if it doesn't appear clear, she checks itrecensione del Casinòin question about our site and you will see it clear and easy to understand. Also because some bonuses - both welcome and loyalty - are greedy enough to let them slip away! Add in the high return to player (RTP) of some games such as new online slot machines and you sometimes have a fantastic opportunity to start earning real money almost immediately.

To conclude

What else to say! We really want to make sure we can leave our readers in good hands. It is crucial that you always inform yourself well before playing with your money at Italian legal online casinos. Only and only in those!

Look at our proposals and choose among them. But choose wisely where to entrust your emotions and your wallet!

Recensione e Bonus del Casinò LeoVegas

25 Free Spinssenza deposito- 1000 euro Welcome Bonus and 100 Freespins

Award-Winning Mobile Experience and Dedicated App, Innovative and Exciting Bonuses, Live Games and Extensive Customer Support!

Recensione e Bonus del Casinò Starcasinò

200% up to100€+ 100 Giri Free

Tailored casino for real players! Original Games and Endless Bonuses on Casino, Poker and Sports Betting on PC and Mobile structured and fair unveils

Recensione e Bonus del Casinò SNAI

200% up to1000€

Casino SNAI offers segmented Bonuses, Live Games and progressive Loyalty Rewards. Serious brand with promotions also for Mobile