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It's a jungle out there! How to avoid scams and enjoy new online slots

 35/5000 immagine di diverse slot attendibili

We all like novelty and marketing companies are very aware of this. New releases almost always excite – from various iPhones to cars, from the new third jersey… even to the new type of toothpaste, I would say. This certainly applies to online slot machines as well. It remains to understandquali sono le Slot nuove Gratisand how to find them!

Of course, the possibility of play bar slot machines for free does not exist. Today, however, there is the technology that allows online game manufacturers – established or emerging – to immediately present their latest releases to an informed and aware audience, those who are really passionate about slot games on the web. Make theSlot nuove gratis senza scaricareit allows Italian and foreign players to feel involved, to "vote" with their preferences and perhaps to create a consensus on which are the best online slot games of the year.

Shared goals

Playing for real money, on the other hand, is another matter. This analysis is aimed above all at helping Italian players who would like to find the latest slots, to allow them to evaluate slots for free in order tonon dover sprecare denaroplaying in a real virtual casino. Some innovations represent small improvements while others are true pioneering innovations. It's nice to keep up to date thoughevitare l’aria frittasold by some gaming suppliers who often churn out new titles just to stay high in the rankings and schedules of legal aams casinos.

This page is pleased to let us fix the problem. Once we understand the differences between the worst and best producers of new games and how to recognize them, we will turn to winning strategies on online casino slots . We have thesistema comprovatowhich helps 9 out of 10 Italian players tovincere di piùto the new legal slot machines playing for real money. Read on and we'll get to that topic as well.

The Premium Selection of New Online Slots Only at Casino1

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Guide to New Slots with No Deposit Bonus: 3 simple steps

The reality of the Italian casino world says that with the regulation of the market by the government we will see less new operators (online casino) and more and more offers from game providers (iGaming Providers). The latter will increase the quantity and variations of their offers of new slot games and more, always competing for the dozens of virtual arcades already present and established in the Bel Paese.

We at Casino 1 follow these trends and have seen them in the most evolved markets but which are repeated regularly and which fortunately we will see influence the quality of the offer also in our area

Having said that, to stand out, providers usually integrate innovative features that reward the most curious players, while casinos offer many no deposit bonuses and promotions with a certain regularity even for those who already have an account with them. They would simply like to promote the new italiaslot games – so it becomes relatively easy to find the various Free Spins, Leaderboards and Tournaments, Prizes and offers aimed at the most demanding audience.

How to access the promotions?

Really, we find it child's play:

  • Leggi bene le Guide e le Recensioni Casino online che abbiamo su questa pagina. Già dai Pro e i Contro che presentiamo per ogni operatore potrai scegliere con più convinzione quale casinò legale italiano o straniero aams it's for you .
  • Apri un conto. Register and verify the casino game account but do not go further, before reading carefully and choosing how to proceed, also based on what we report below.
  • Controlla le Promozioni e i Bonusvarious available at that time. Once you have set your game profile preferences well, read the terms and conditions of the offers as well. Sometimes it is better to start with a no deposit bonus, just to enjoy the latest Slots and Mobile Casino releases. Other times, however, this way you give up the possibility of accessing aBonus al primo deposito molto più sostanzioso e a delle condizioni superiori. Don't jump at the first opportunity to play for free right away, think for a moment what the deposit gives you in the medium to long term, if it is easily withdrawable or maybe another offer will help you later to win more at slots, even for free.

In short, it isfacile aggiudicarsi i vari bonusonce you become an active player. Then, if you win even a little something with instant bonuses, even better! And if not, you will surely have enjoyed the new online slots for free.

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The new Slots on the net: how to distinguish the best from mediocrity

immagine di Buona slot e slot mediocreAlso largely artistic creations, the new video Slots on the net are subjectively evaluated by enthusiasts and many times they also argue in the forums. Being objective, on the other hand, is the task of the experts, developers and professional gamers that we also meet at industry networking events.

La ricetta segretato distinguish the best slot games on the web lies in being able to identify some principles and certain standards maintained in the creation of new slots.

  • Passione:Creative studios and people who love their work manage to create that sense of likability and functional turnover – that is to say, they are inspired to be innovative by their calling and truly committed to filling a gap in the online gaming market. We met a lot of people like this among manufacturers such as NetEnt, Play N Go and Novomatic.
  • Tempistica:Is the market mature? Let's say the programmer who develops a certain Slot spends 2 hours a day playing the machines on the net and another 8 hours working on his creation. There is the discrete possibility that the Slot that comes out is too complex, that it does not meet the needs of a market not ready for futuristic or complicated features. It would be a bit like proposing a Tesla in 1832, so to speak.
  • Intuizione degli esperti:A recurring trend in the blockbuster titles of the last 4 years has been the new online slot machines that manage to feature “The Hunt”.

What is Hunting?

Naturally we are not talking about some TV series or even the typical pastime of times that are now a bit distant. But it is the ability of the producers to signal to the players the prize to chase. In short, lead the plot of the action where the money is.

The gist of it is obvious in Jackpot games – they put the cumulative jackpot at the top of the screen, the banner shows. The real challenge for the manufacturers of the best new slots in vogue however is related to the ability to make thisJackpot raggiungibile.

Most of the casino slot games we have in Italy don't have a Jackpot, however. They therefore need to use other factors and features to create the sense of pursuit.

immagine del Book of Ra Deluxe bonus Feature

“Level Up”

The trends of the now globalized gaming market have emphasized another very popular feature in the new virtual VLTs, i.e. the system“Level Up”. It is about offering a progressive personal path during the game session that leads you to unlock, as one progresses, new features and integrated bonus games.

So why don't all new slot games come with clear objectives and a Level Up system? The simplest answer would be that there is no single solution to making good Slots, nor an established approach that represents the formula for success. We always return to the list of three particular qualities above, to which time has given weight and meaning. The coherence of the producers and their perceived commitment is that point of reference that links the elements of success, not a particular feature of the game, a random jackpot or even the very theme of the graphic solution.

The same goes for the various Bonuses and Free Spins: how they tie into the whole Gameplay, if they add up mathematically and even if they make themselves presentable with that theme or type of game. Finally, the sync between perfect sound and cool animation should feel authentic and glamorous at the same time.

All this transports the players, excites them, brings with it that element of "pursuit" that when you hear it, you see it, you already know that that new game is worth the candle.

Examples of bad new casino slots

There are some badly made slot games, and then there are some really unpresentable slot machines.

We make a clear distinction between two categories of bad machine slots:

A) Quelle che non hanno niente da proporci fin dal principio.

There are some studies founded simply because certain of their specialists (individuals) master some element in the creation of online Slots. They can only do one thing, and no matter how well they do it, obviously this isn't enough.

Betsoft was an early example of this – it took them years before they came up with a decent mathematical model. While they were quite advanced with the creation of excellent 3D graphics, perhaps too advanced for the times and the potential of the PCs of the time.

B) Quelle che si meritavano una preparazione migliore.

We did some tests of Play n' Go's "Prissy Princess" in February 2017… but almost with tears in our eyes! A manufacturer of digital games like Play n' Go, the very one that has so many mythical and majestic slots in its portfolio, should really know better the dynamics and demands of the market. A new employee may have had the Prissy Princess as their first project, but there should still be a company tester who can protect the company's image and authority from such an outing.

It's really hard to find the right words to actually explain what makes it so bad, but the fall of a major manufacturer like Play'n Go with the Prissy Princess was the kind that insiders like to refer to as a "Bad win." Beat".

Screenshot di Prissy Princess di Play'n Go

The Bad Beat victory

Naturally linked to the concept of pokerBad Beat- where a strong hand loses in a statistically improbable way - the phenomenon of the "bad beat" victory supposes an honest intention (and also equipped with the skills) to do well which ends up making things worse.

In the context of new casino games, that concept could be exemplified by a win granted by the Slot that paradoxically ends up disappointing and frustrating the player. Here, Prissy Princess had a particular feature ofrespin– when you win, it lights up. But the more you win, the more the cascades of rewarding symbols continue until you stop winning. Of course, it may be a great feature, but where Play'n Go failed was in the introduction ofdiverse altre funzionalitàwhich could be triggered during the respin!

The gaming experience

Let's try to explain the methods "Scrigno del Tesoro” e “Torneo”. By winning 5 times in a row, you enter the "Treasure Chest" feature automatically. That in itself is a good thing, of course. But during respins you can collect up to 3 flags for the Tournament. If you collect 2 on the first lap, you also earn respins with the win and you get gassed, the desire to catch that third flag is ignited. This has happened to us, and not infrequently…

We kept getting the two flags and have long chased that bonus game. But every time we reached 5 consecutive victories, the Treasure Chest arrived punctually and CANCELED the flags already collected, also interrupting the Respins.

Where Play n' Go exceeded was thesovrapposizione dei premi speciali, without really considering theconseguenze in termini di giocabilità. They really wanted to do good for the players by giving us both the Treasure Chest and the Tournament Hunt but what they really did was cut the path to the latter. And we damned ourselves, despite doing everything "by the book".

Anything goes – observing internal deadlines, bringing the RTP to the necessary levels and verifying the mathematical algorithms – all that falls into the planning of Slots as a complex product. But putting the gaming experience into the background, the one that creates the emotional bond with casino games and makes the aspect of real winnings or free spins disappear... We really don't understand that. It seems irresponsible to customers and established names like Play n' Go should be able to better manage such a project.

Quick summary

We want to underline once again that there are many possibilities to try the latest online slot machines, also and above allGratis. In Demo mode, to have fun freely, with godsBonus senza deposito. Or with more continuity and unlocking full features through a Substantial bonus after the first deposit .

With thePayout altissimeof the new Slots available in Italian casinos – RTP often over 95% and imposed by the AAMS – these free and considerable sums give us the opportunity to play for free for a long time, to try many of those fantastic Slots online and not risk anything from the our pennies.

Choose your no deposit bonus now, follow our guides and learn how to win with the new slots in the best Italian online casinos!

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